imāginātī (latin classical)
  1. inflection of imāginātus:
  2. having imagined
  3. imagined together

Websites, branding, and digital design 

At Imagiantii we don't just design for you, we empower you to use the web to take your business to the next level.  We pride ourselves in offering open-source (you own it), future friendly solutions for a variety of needs.  We offer both conventional and unconventional design to capture the spirit of your message.  

Featured Projects

Whether it's helping you install and configure a template, helping you redesign the UI of your app, branding your social media and advertising, or coding a site completely from scratch we have a variety of service levels available.  Check out a few of our recent featured projects.  
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    Hindu University of America

  • Freestand

  • agility scales

    Agility Scales


Design & Branding

We can provide simple branding and design services suitable for startups and small to mid size businesses who want to have a cohesive look across all of your  channels.  


Our platform of choice is Wordpress, but we are experienced in a variety of platforms. We can even code you a website from scratch for minimal maintenance or implementation into your CMS of choice.  

Ad Creative

We can help you craft your message and graphics in a way that is on brand and on tone with the rest of your marketing materials.  Let us take care of the visuals the message, or both.

Social Media

We can create collateral for your social media accounts that fit your website and your brand.  We can also consult you on how best to run your marketing campaigns from your social media channels.  

Email Design

Let us help you evaluate and craft a good email strategy, and design templates for your ESP of choice.  Oftentimes we can find a way to automate campaigns to save you time and money. 

UI/UX Design

It's a complicated thing to make things simple.  We've designed for a wide variety of audiences across varying age, ability, and education levels.  Let's present your message in a way that converts.  
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