Will I be able to edit my own site?

Yes. We do everything we can to empower you to edit your own site. While we don't recommend trying to design a website or add new features without the proper training, you will have access to do so. We personalize your site so that you can easily add new content without having to design anything new (for example, a recipe page or a news post).

What if I mess up my site?

With great power comes great responsibility. Because we allow you access to the source of your site unless otherwise specified, you will be able to make mistakes. However, a good backup strategy can mitigate any damages. We recommend you take a backup every time you start to edit your site.

Do you provide training?

Yes, a one-hour training session is included at every site launch. Because we use common tools there is also a plethora of documentation online that you can use to guide you.

Are you aware your name sounds like illuminati?

Yes, and we are okay with that because it seems to scare off a certain rather paranoid demographic.

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